The Motil algorithm - tailored treatment of ED using the LSTC-ED® technique: suggested number of shocks

This algorithm is the first of its kind and suggests the optimal number of shocks (and thus the energy dose) to be applied to cavernous tissue during a single session to successfully treat erectile dysfunction using low-intensity focused shock waves.

The algorithm was created under the aegis of Dr. Igor Motil/Brno based on his wide experience and his studies of this type of treatment. The aim was to improve treatment outcomes by tailoring the treatment to each individual patient. The algorithm takes major factors that can influence treatment results into account, such as the patient’s initial IIEF-5 score and comorbidities. However, it should be emphasized that medical science is still evolving and Dr. Motil reserves the right to make changes in the future.

This LSTC-ED algorithm is only suitable for use with Richard Wolf/ELvation PiezoWave2 shockwave systems in conjunction with the linear therapy source FBL10x5 G2. We do not recommend using this algorithm with other devices which have very different shockwave shapes, shockwave creation, and applied energy.

Suggested treatment protocol:

Intensity: 20

Frequency: 6-8 Hz

Total number of sessions: 4 to 6 over a period of 14 to 30 days.

Interval between sessions: weekly or an interval of at least 3 days.

IIEF5 score
ED duration
BMI over 25

None of the data, results and experiences which underpin this algorithm and website can be construed as a basis for any claims against ELvation Medical GmbH, Richard Wolf GmbH or Dr. Igor Motil. Any liability based on statutory regulations is limited to liability for gross negligence or intent. All information related to settings, application sites, duration of applications, and general use of the technology is based on clinical experience and is given for training purposes. However, the applicability of these data must be verified by the medical end-users who have been trained to use shockwave systems.

The information is not intended as a replacement for the information provided by the most current User Manuals of the different shockwave systems. Depending on the individual circumstances it may be necessary to deviate from the values and settings. Medical knowledge is constantly subject to change as a consequence of new research and clinical developments. This means that it may be necessary to deviate from the information provided in this webpage and algorithm.

Reference note: Treatment of erectile dysfunction with Piezowave2 device. Application of low intensity shockwaves using novel linear shockwave tissue coverage (LSTD-ED®) technique. A prospective, multicentric, placebo-controlled study. Motil et al.